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All the fun of the fair

Today, the Computer Market rolled into Collingwood Town Hall. (That's sort of like a travelling carnival, only with fewer bearded ladies and knife-throwers and more computer-related gizmos being sold at prices somewhat lower than in the shops). So I went along and bought:

When I got home, I found that the FireWire enclosure was a centimetre or two too short for the hard disk rack, and as such it juts out slightly awkwardly. But it works quite nicely, and is cheaper per gigabyte than dedicated removable disks. (My previous Mac was backed up to an Orb drive; though given the lack of SCSI ports on the newer machines, I can't use that anymore. If anyone wants to buy an Orb drive (external SCSI) and a few disks, make me an offer.)

Meanwhile, the PSX->USB converter box works quite nicely with Linux' USB drivers, allowing me to dust off my old PlayStation controller and use it with Mame and a Commodore 64 emulator. It makes a world of difference over a PC keyboard when it comes to games.

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