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La plus grande prison de journalistes au monde

Using copyright law to crush criticism isn't the exclusive domain of multinational corporations and the Church of Scientology: the Cuban dictatorship people's democracy (you know, the Another World that they tell you Is Possible) has successfully sued Reporters Without Borders for using the icon of Che Guevara in a poster criticising Cuba's persecution of journalists; as such, the image has been banned in France. The image in question may be found here.

Mind you, it's not exactly like Che (a doctrinaire Marxist/Leninist who sent thousands of "counter-revolutionaries" to the firing squad and established the apparatus of state repression in Cuba, and not the mellow left-libertarian dude many people could imagine sharing a joint with) would be spinning in his CIA-dug grave at the injustice of this lawsuit. (via MeFi)

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Posted by: dj http:// Thu Jul 17 07:13:40 2003

I was once part of a group that produced pamphlets taking the piss out of Che's fluffy image and the overuse of it by the remnants of Leninism. Do you reckon they weren't spewing, especially when they couldn't say we were petit bourgeois reactionaries without anyone laughing!