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Hipster Bingo

Hipster Bingo; funny, the ironic trucker caps don't seem to have made it down to Melbourne yet.

Also, Australian hipsters seem to be a bit more low-tech than the American variety. While the hipsterati of New York and San Francisco have photoblogs and futurephones, many Australian hipsters draw the line at using Hotmail and are more likely to snap pictures with a Lomo than a digital camera (let alone a futurephone). (via bOING bOING)

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Posted by: Graham Fri Jul 18 02:15:56 2003

Remind me to wear my CAT cap the next time I'm down in Melbourne. That and the over-30 bit... eek.

Posted by: acb Fri Jul 18 03:08:17 2003

Someone should ironically appropriate the rugby shirt.

Posted by: dj http:// Fri Jul 18 03:54:58 2003

I don't think hoodies should be in there, several subcultural groups wear them (granted they are usually different styles - i don't think my propagandhi one would fit in as hipster material, it's too political and such a downer).

Posted by: Graham Fri Jul 18 09:03:33 2003

Depends what sort of rugby shirt; the generic Canterbury ugly shirts, or the licensed NRL/Super 12 team ones? I don't think the latter variety can be ironified, except maybe the guernsey from the defunct NSWRFL Newtown Bluebags/Jets.

Posted by: kstop Fri Jul 18 09:47:09 2003

The real irony is that mobile phone cameras all suck! (With probably a few Japan-only exceptions.)

Posted by: acb Sat Jul 19 13:18:43 2003

two words: "grunge aesthetic"