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Subversive literature

Man questioned by FBI for reading a critique of corporate media domination; apparently, no true patriotic American would ever read such commie terrorist propaganda; or at least anybody with a suspiciously Islamic-looking beard who is concerned about Murdoch's media hegemony is a potential threat to national security. The offending article may be found here. (via MeFi)

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Posted by: Hobbes http:// Sat Jul 19 15:29:16 2003

My guess is that the junior detective who gave the hot tip to the FBI didn't see the article clearly and thought "weapons of mass stupidity" was actually an article about making "weapons of mass destruction", and reported that, perhaps with embelleshments, which if it was true is A) not illegal, but B) something that the FBI would be pretty much required to follow up on.

The FBI is kind of creepy, but in my experience most of the time they are quite professional, and take their jobs seriously.

What depresses me is the guy who turned him in in the first place. If we have really turned into a country where everyone suspects his neighbor is an enemy of all that is good in the world, we might as well be living in the police state that many far left nutcases seem to imagine we already do.

Posted by: robt http:// Fri Jul 25 06:26:02 2003

I'm not a leftist nutcase, but some healthy paranoia on all our part is indicated as our rights are further spirited away by supposed well intentioned folks under W's control.

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