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Now with twice the drumsticks

Four-legged chicken born in Delaware. The poultry industry has declined to comment about the potential revolutionary implications of this mutation. (via jwz)

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Posted by: Jody Tue Jul 22 12:16:59 2003

Life imitates Watchmen.

Posted by: mark Tue Jul 22 23:32:14 2003

I'm never sure whether you're posting this stuff as "interesting news item" or ironic "interesting hoax".

Perhaps I'm imagining things because my brain is screaming "IT'S IMPOSSIBLE" at me, but those photos look seriously fake...

Posted by: gjw Wed Jul 23 01:44:52 2003

Damn, I eat the breasts, not the legs.

Posted by: Graham Wed Jul 23 09:30:52 2003

Don't fear, the double-breasted superchicken cannot be far away!

Posted by: lisa http:// Wed Jul 23 11:39:30 2003

four legs good, two legs baaaad.

Posted by: acb Wed Jul 23 13:08:01 2003

Or a chicken with a big fat juicy leg instead of a head, or one that's a blob of breast meat covered with wings. The possibilities are endless.

Posted by: billy http:// Fri Jul 25 01:16:31 2003

oh no, 4 legged chickens are hardly a hoax at all. I've worked for Gold Kist catching chickens, and since I live in rural Alabama, I know quite a few chicken farmers. I've seen several 4 legged chickens. If you produce anything like that in super mass quantities(tyson foods processing plant where I work kills 1 millon+ a week) You are bound to have gross mutations. Like conjoined twins or some shit. They don't live very long either.