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MIFF: Warp: Film For Music

Tonight I saw Warp: Film For Music, a collection of music videos and short films set to music from infamous glitch label Warp (home of Aphex Twin, Autechre and such). It was a mixed bag; Chris Cunningham's videos were quite good (including the Squarepusher one set in a Japanese children's mental hospital and Aphex Twin's Come To Daddy)' the Autechre Gantz Graf one was oddly compelling, but some of the others were a bit formless. The fact that some of the video seemed a bit blurry and degraded, detracting from the quality of the animations, didn't help; then again, perhaps that was intentional and I'm just not open-minded enough to appreciate it. (Though perhaps the way the sound kept cutting out through one track (by Plaid, I think) was intentional also; if so, it was, in my naïvely conservative opinion, a bad artistic judgment.) The set finished with Aphex Twin's ghetto-fabulous Windowlicker video.

I wonder whether Chris Cunningham is still planning to make a film of Neuromancer. True, the story would seem to the uninitiated like a poor ripoff of The Matrix, but I'm sure it'd work on the arthouse circuit.

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Posted by: lisa http:// Tue Jul 29 20:36:05 2003

yeah, chris cunningham really hasn't done much lately, has he? 'come on my selector' was pretty good, but it still came out in *1999*. it's been a while. i want new stuff! wasn't the latest from him the bjork vid?

Posted by: CNWB Tue Jul 29 22:52:59 2003

I heard he was supposed to work with Kubrick on 'AI'. I'm not sure he is was subsequently used when Speilberg took over the project after Kubrick's death.

Posted by: sam Wed Jul 30 15:33:15 2003

according to the imdb he did special effects on AI but was uncredited.

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