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What the hip rednecks are wearing...

Straight Pride Wear; where you can express your intolerance for alternative lifestyles in eXtreme skate-mook style that wouldn't look amiss at a skate ramp or the mosh pit at Big Day Out/a Limp Bizkit concert. The only thing they're missing is big yellow shorts with "Exit Only" written on the back. And it's not just about shaming the sodomites back into their closet, it's also about being a good all-American patriot, as the stars and stripes will attest. And the links to religious-right groups and the "pro-life-punk" movement pretty much confirm one's suspicions. (via MeFi)

I wonder when the Ku Klux Klan will follow the lead and bring out a line of "White Pride" streetwear for Aryan mooks.

There are 3 comments on "What the hip rednecks are wearing...":

Posted by: mitch http:// Wed Jul 30 11:20:46 2003

It's funny that under "About Us", they spell "procreation" as "pro-creation"!

Posted by: diane http:// Thu Jul 31 01:01:53 2003

And this is good, they spell "propaganda" as "propoghanda"!

Posted by: Ben Thu Jul 31 19:12:05 2003

It's to avoid the censorware I expect.

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