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Python 2.3 is out

Python 2.3 is officially out, and brings with it lots of features. Generators are now a first-class part of the language (and not part of __future__), which allows a sort of lazy evaluation; Python can import modules from ZIP files; there is the enumerate() function, which allows you to iterate over a sequence's indices and values more efficiently, as well as Set and Boolean types; and there are a number of nifty new modules, such as a correct CSV handler, and more. Oh, and it's apparently 25% faster too.

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Posted by: richard Thu Jul 31 03:04:42 2003

Big stuff that kinda gets lost in the noise: this is the release in which my package index (PyPI - is now supported by distutils in the core (yay, no more patching python to submit package info :) ... and a relatively minor feature that'll have a big impact: sockets may now have a timeout set (with a module-level default if need be). No more Roundup ( servers hanging 'cos of some fucked client :)

Posted by: richard Thu Jul 31 03:05:46 2003

Heh. URL highlighting sucked in the trailing ) there... those urls are:

PyPI -

Roundup -