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The Renaissance Bloke

Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read is a true modern renaissance man. Underworld hitman, author (of criminalogues and childrens' stories), the subject of a popular film, and now the latest sensation in the art world, with his first art exhibition almost selling out in two days. The style of his artwork has been described as "primitive pop".
''He has a number of styles. He has a Nolanesque-(Ned) Kelly - it's been sexualised, so she's a Mrs Kelly,'' Mr Chapman said. ''They're all very bright and colourful.''

The exhibition is open until the 9th, at Dante's Upstairs in Fitzroy.

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Posted by: Alex http:// Sat Aug 2 15:08:50 2003

A work assosciate is obsessed with Mr Read. Is convinced that anyone to purchase his art while he's still alive is going to make off like a bandit, if you'll pardon the expression, once he is inevitably rubbed out for the indiscretions of his former posession. I think she's the greater social menace ... I wonder if she's interested in some landmine manufacturer shares.

Posted by: alex Sat Aug 2 15:13:40 2003

err. for posession read profession.

Posted by: Ben Mon Aug 4 02:47:08 2003

Some of these people need to get a life. There's nothing as sad as a toothless, earless old-age standover man who has to pull beers for a living.

Still, perhaps the buyers were made an offer they couldn't refuse?

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