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The meek will inherit the Earth, the rest will go to the stars

What happened to the Extropians, those space-bound, cryogenics-obsessed children of Ayn Rand and the WELL, after the WIRED Long Boom came crashing down? Well, they've swallowed their anti-statist convictions and mutated into Strangelovian neo-conservative think-tanks, which have the ear of the President and were behind things such as the aborted terrorism futures market. Or so Andrew "blogs are killing Google" Orlowski says anyway.

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Posted by: mitch http:// Wed Aug 6 00:50:19 2003

Extropians begin to respond:

The funny thing is, I think that the things which Orlowski talks about - googlewashing, transhumanism in power - *are* going to happen. It's just that he distorts the facts to make it seem like the future is now. Maybe he should be writing science fiction, not journalism.

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