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"Tonight on Britney:"

Silicone-enhanced pop puppet Britney Spears may soon have her own TV talk show. Funny, that; some time ago I speculated that, in 2015 or so, "Britney" would be the highest-rating talk show in America. Jennifer Lopez is also planning one, which sounds like it could well be Ali G without the irony.

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Posted by: lisa http:// Fri Aug 8 02:34:10 2003

and gary coleman and arnold schwarzenegger are running for governor of california. bush is still president of the us.

can this officially be called hell yet?

Posted by: dj http:// Fri Aug 8 05:58:19 2003

No. We are waiting for Barney to nominate for the Democratic ticket for the US 2004 elections before we make any further pronouncements.

Posted by: mark Fri Aug 8 08:54:58 2003

Christ, Jenny From the Block is in Da House!

This (not necessarily the JL talk-show, but the whole kit and caboodle of world behaviour) is probably the time when all remotely intelligent beings take one good look at the world and top themselves, but I suspect we're all feeling a nagging doubt that one day the Great Maker will leap out from behind the curtains and scream "2nd Age of Mankind Fools!", and reveal it's all just a hideous practical joke.

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