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Music heard today:

I also managed to hear a preview of the upcoming I Want A Hovercraft EP, and it sounds quite promising, with some very nice post-rock instrumental moments.

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Posted by: Luke Thu Aug 21 00:11:35 2003

I always find that Piano Magic drop the ball on their albums; they're not sustained good - the bad tracks on them usually drag a "woo!" down to an "eh?".

Posted by: acb Thu Aug 21 01:48:00 2003

I don't know; Artists' Rifles was pretty good.

Posted by: daniel Mon Sep 1 13:45:30 2003

clag's 'manufacturing resent' is one of the best 7"s ever, imho. had to look for it for ages, but i think that three beads of sweat still have some copies & it's cheap too. i actually played "goldfish" a couple of nights ago at a club night some friends & i just started in london & people were dancing quite insanely. which is probably the only way to dance to clag. i really like the gargling solo but it sounded shit through the pa.

i'd really love to release a clag discography cd.

Posted by: acb Mon Sep 1 14:45:24 2003

What is this `three beads of sweat' of which you speak?

Posted by: acb Mon Sep 1 14:48:47 2003

Also, speaking of London indie nights, ever been to Bowlie Nite/The Penelope Tree? First Thursday of every month in Camden. I sent them a mix CD recently of Australian twee/indie pop, which included Goldfish.

Posted by: daniel Sun Sep 21 20:29:37 2003

three beads of sweat ( is sort of the new ajax records ... at least it's run by the same guy, but is nowhere near as prolific (but at least his being still in business makes it easy for people to still get the cannanes cds on ajax). i haven't been to the bowlie night but i might well check it out. my favourite indie club in london is strange fruit (