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Ninetynine MP3s

Keith Urquhart's remixes of the last Ninetynine album are online in convenient MP3 format. Check them out. (The Kinetic Factory one is my favourite; and the Cleaner one is also pretty interesting.) (via Rocknerd)

Update: There now appear to be MP3s on the Ninetynine website; also worth checking out. You haven't lived until you've heard Wöekenender.

There are 2 comments on "Ninetynine MP3s":

Posted by: CNWB Mon Aug 25 06:10:59 2003

You once posted a link to the ninetynine website. Do you still have that URL. My attempts to locate it have been fruitless.

Posted by: acb Mon Aug 25 06:19:32 2003 :-)

There's also or something like that, but that's a fan site, and doesn't seem to have been updated since Anatomy of Distance or something.

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