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More excellent news: BBC to open up archive; all content from the BBC's archive will be released online under a Creative Commons non-commercial license; no digital restrictions management technologies are expected to be involved. This could prove to be a glancing glow for the neo-Galambosians who are pushing for end-to-end copy-control on everything. Though I half expect the politicians to scupper or cripple it (after all, everyone wants Murdoch's support in the next election, don't they). Though if it goes through, it will be a terrific boon for the cultural heritage of the 20th century. (via Rocknerd)

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Posted by: gjw Tue Aug 26 00:39:39 2003

There's been debate about whether they'll use a truly open digital delivery system. Although the BBC experimented with OGG Vorbis for some time, pretty much all their online media is in very-unfriendly Real Media formats.

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