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"Now, Jemima, stop bothering that man."

Things overheard on the London Underground, including the surreal ("I rather look forward to the Ragnarok"), the absurdly poetic ("I woke up to find a dead bird in the gutter", " I am very nearly cured of happiness", "The little gingerbread fellow has raisins for eyes."), the droll ("No. I'm not pro-war. I just can't muster up the moral outrage and smugness to oppose it."), bloodlust ("All I ask is fifteen minutes with Britney and a hacksaw","I am a bit disappointed. I expected more carpet-bombing"), aggression ("Hey! Pussy Boy! You act so scared! We are gonna do you bad.", "Don't worry... Robert Fisk will get what's coming to him"), the chatter of London's culture industry ("Let's kit the boyband out in brown leather jackets"), miscellaneous observations (" Every charity shop in London has a copy of 'Jaws' by Peter Benchley.") to too much information ("Gordon, have you ever considered that I might not be gay?", "There is a touch of vomit still on your lapels."). It's a bit like reading the liner notes for a Radiohead album, or something. (via Found)

There are 4 comments on ""Now, Jemima, stop bothering that man."":

Posted by: Peter Fri Aug 29 09:13:35 2003

I blogged this a while ago, along with various other excellent stuff from the rest of See The sad jokes - - are still hilarious.

Posted by: acb Mon Sep 1 07:35:33 2003

I was just wondering who the "Jemima" in the quote in the title could be. Did someone in the UK name their daughter Jemima in the past decade or so (as opposed to Ashlee or Madisyn or Breeanna or whatever the standard little-girl names these days are), or is Jemima something else, like a dog or a crazy elderly relative or something?

Posted by: Jim http:// Mon Sep 1 22:41:45 2003

Jemima is bound to be a child. It's a very upper-middle class name, exactly the sort of name whose bearer's parent would use particular tone.

Unlike "Oi! Tiffany! If you don't shut the f*ck up I won't buy you no more f*cking Pokemons!"

Posted by: Graham Tue Sep 2 09:06:13 2003

It just reminds me of Play School, actually.

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