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The Brief History of the Dead

Kevin Brockmeier's The Brief History of the Dead, an interesting short story postulating an afterlife not unlike the world of the living, and its interaction with events in the living world.

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Posted by: murrayroe Thu Mar 24 23:16:53 2005

Good postulation. I once had an out of the body experience when I took 'Kundilini Yoga' in '72? by hyperventilating. I felt a magnetism towards a city - T.O.- and now feel there is a 'holographic' experience - the plane of Maya, perhaps and we all can be in instant communication with the deceases. Modern 'science' is a linear thing, yet the dreamscape contains communication, whether it be direct- genetic or otherwise. The idea is to be openminded about events, and eventually at peace with every living thing, systems included.

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