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Infrasound creeps people out

Researchers in Manchester have shown that infrasound can induce anxiety, sorrow and chills, as well as other weird sensations. Extreme subsonic vibrations and their effects on the human nervous system may be behind the phenomena of "haunted" locations. Could this be a hint of what's on at the next What Is Music? festival.

There are 3 comments on "Infrasound creeps people out":

Posted by: evilpaul http:// Tue Sep 9 05:16:35 2003

god is a subwoofer

Posted by: Hobbes http:// Tue Sep 9 05:39:38 2003

Maybe so -- the lowest pipe on an organ is 16 Hz, below what (most) people can hear, and in the same range as the 12 Hz it looks like they used in this experement (the fundamental of a 7 meter half-open pipe).

Posted by: BlackJacqueShellac http:// Mon Jun 20 00:45:40 2005

Finally, proof that it isn't all in my head! Thanks Manchester Researchers.

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