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The street finds its own uses for flash mobs

It's a given that any new technology that can be applied to either war or sex will be; so naturally it was only a matter of time before this happened with flash mobs. Hence, dogging, a new fad in Britain in which spontaneous sex orgies with strangers in public places are organised by SMS message or internet, and which health and law-enforcement authorities are at a loss to police.
He said that, in country parks at least, changes to the design of car parks might help curb their use as venues. However, he added: "You can't simply increase the amount of lighting - that just makes it easier to make videos or take pictures."

(Thought #1: What about the Criminal Justice Act, which gave authorities sweeping powers to crack down on raves and unlicensed gatherings in the early 90s? Doesn't that apply, or does it only come into force when the evil of Ecstasy is involved?)

And here is a page on dogging in Australia; it doesn't seem quite as saucy as the British variant. (via bOING bOING)

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Posted by: kuros http:// Sat Sep 20 15:22:18 2003

gay people have been doing this for decades; new technology only expands the possibilities

Posted by: Alex http:// Sun Sep 21 06:56:54 2003

Some time ago I worked for the company that built the Foxtel cable tv infrastructure in Melbourne's suburbs.

There's an apparatus called a 'dogger', a short length of woven steel mesh designed to slip over the end of a length of 1/2 or 3/4 inch dia. coaxial cable, with a loop at the other end to tie a rope to. This was part of a 'hauling' team's equipment for when they were hauling the coax. cable through telstra's existing underground pipes.

The idea of using a dogger while dogging has conjured up some very unusual and unromantic mental images, although I'm sure it wouldn't look out of place in a dominatrix's toolkit. Thanks Null Device!

Posted by: Luke Mon Sep 22 12:48:17 2003

I thought het dogging wasn't exactly a new thing, either...

Posted by: johnboy Tue Sep 23 05:03:31 2003

heh, as soon as you mentioned the Criminal Justice Act I started sniggering, as the actual wording of it is full of such wonderfully apt double entendres as: "wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats"

sorry. i guess i'm easily amused...

Posted by: dave http:// Sun Jan 11 13:13:28 2004

That guide isn't what you think. Here are some better details: A: Melbourne

Sandiibeach wrote: "Yes, I know of a few in Melbourne. That is where we originally came from before moving to Queensland. The places we know are all along the coast - Beach Road to be exact. I'll try to get them all from memory. Even though we don't live there anymore we do visit occasionally and always try out one or two places :):)

From St Kilda heading south towards Frankston... ...St Kilda beach itself - small road around foreshore behind park - average quality.

Elsternwick Beach - far end - small car-park next to large one - average also.

Brighton Beach - large car-park on point almost opposite railway station - very good right around to the end.

Sandringham - two places - both excellent - first is car-park behind football ground next to beach - great!!! Second is next park along, just off road to boat jetty, opposite small cricket oval - also great. Both these places in Sandringham are only 1km at the most apart