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Quelle surprise

Microsoft announces that they're shutting down all unsupervised chat rooms because of paedophiles. A few days later, Senator Alston, the Savonarola of Canberra, issues a statement praising the action, and saying how this will force other operators to shut down their chat rooms as well. You can almost see the glee in his beady little eyes as he contemplates the golden age of shame-based morality and self-righteous busybodyism this will usher in, in which everybody is their brother's keeper and private moral lapses (from morality as defined by our spiritual leaders) have serious public consequences.

There are 2 comments on "Quelle surprise":

Posted by: Graham Thu Sep 25 09:40:06 2003

Deary me. Does anyone know the location of the jar containing Alston's brain, so we can stick it back inside his skull?

Posted by: dj Fri Sep 26 00:59:08 2003

I believe it is too late Graham. After the Xandorian brain slurper had turned his brain to a consistency resembling a freezie, Alexander couldn't resist and sucked it out with a straw. Unfortunately, Alexander didn't realise Alston was suffering from CJD, which explains why he is even more 'things that batt(i)er' than usual.

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