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Then and Now

A chance meeting between a cocktail-cabinet Galaga machine and a PowerBook running MAME in a Brunswick café:

(Aside: why is it that most cocktail-cabinet arcade game machines around these days are Galaga? Is it the result of some kind of technical and/or memetic survival-of-the-fittest?)

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Posted by: Ben Tue Oct 7 04:33:39 2003

Because it's a great game, iconic... and very very widely bootlegged. As a result, it runs on a bunch of different 80s-era arcade platforms.

Posted by: acb Tue Oct 7 05:44:22 2003

As far as the shooting-flying-things genre goes, I preferred Gyruss. The polar coordinates were a nifty gimmick, and the rendition of Bach's Toccata and Fugue added to the atmosphere.

Posted by: mark Tue Oct 7 15:46:25 2003

Gotta d/l link? :-)

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