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EFA analysis of spam bill

*ahem* Is this thing switched on?

The EFA looks at Senator Alston's spam bill. It looks like the possibility of the World's Biggest Luddite having crafted a fair and enlightened spam law was too good to be true; according to the EFA, the bill will give miscellaneous ill-defined government officials sweeping search-and-seizure powers without the need for criminal proceedings, and also legitimise spam from various parties (including Alston's favourites, religious groups, who will be able to tell you why you're going to burn in hell with impunity).

There are 3 comments on "EFA analysis of spam bill":

Posted by: dj Mon Oct 6 01:20:19 2003

I already know I'm going to burn in hell and i'm still not going to change my mind.

Posted by: acb Mon Oct 6 13:33:21 2003

You already know you're not going to buy a penis enlargement/hair restoration pill from a Nigerian gentleman named Osvaldo Johnston, but that doesn't stop them from repeatedly bombarding you with solicitations to do so, just in case the 37th message is the lucky one that changes your mind. I doubt the religiots would think all that differently.

Posted by: dj Tue Oct 7 02:48:16 2003

Maybe, but Churches have addresses and things they don't like desecrated.

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