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SpamCop == Saddam Bin Laden?

In my spam filter today, I found a mail with the title "julian haight funds terrorists b alqoswmw l lgng", referring to the outfit that runs SpamCop, and outlining grievances against the email filtering service:
You are reciving this email because we are having some trouble with an infamous company ( who seem to be hell bent on destroying not only my business but many other legitimate website owners and email list operators.

The email (sent through spam software, as evidenced by the anti-Vipul's-Razor garbage in the subject line) goes on with allegations of SpamCop fraudulently forging spam complaints against "legitimate operators" of "opt-in mailing lists" (funny, I don't remember opting in to this guy's mailing list) and "taking away our freedom of speech" and causing "financial disruption to companys who have invested years of hard work" for calling on right-minded internet users to lobby their ISPs to use a spam filter which lets through anything with an unsubscribe link (as that must be legitimate "opt-in" mail, right?).

Then, if that wasn't enough to persuade you, the patriotic consumer, to abandon SpamCop, it drops this bombshell:

Julian haight spamcops CEO is rumoured to have conections with Al-Quada, one of the most disruptive terrorist orginisations on earth. hes specialty is cyber terrorism. which disperses highly needed homeland security funds by rendering multi million dollar industrys unprofitable.
haights main motive is the perversion of American free enterprise.

Gee, if that's the case I'd better stop using SpamCop. Not only am I foolishly cutting myself off from worlds of financial and anatomical opportunity, but I'm Helping The Terrorists Win. I didn't realise the penis-pill industry was such a champion of truth, justice and the American Way.

Good to see that SpamCop is pissing them off. Oh, and one word of advice: if starting a whispering campaign against an anti-spam service provider, sending spam is probably not the most credible way to begin.

There are 11 comments on "SpamCop == Saddam Bin Laden?":

Posted by: mitch http:// Fri Oct 17 09:26:36 2003

Other headlines from the Weekly World Spam:

Coalition of the unwilling has opt-out feature bha ggl gglqpop


Posted by: Graham Fri Oct 17 15:04:05 2003

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Samuel Johnson said that.

Posted by: Justin Fri Oct 17 17:15:31 2003

Julian gets a shitload of spammer attacks; I think that's a sign he's doing something right ;)

PS: the "hashbuster" stuff you reckon is anti-Vipul's Razor, is actually intended to get around similar systems deployed at AOL, according to one spamtool's documentation ;)

Posted by: mitch http:// Sat Oct 18 00:15:45 2003

Ironically, there may have been some real Al Qaeda netwar in the past few days:

Posted by: Graham Sat Oct 18 02:29:01 2003

Ahh, out in the Badlands. I'm just wondering what would happen if comment spammers decided to target LGF and other high-traffic weblogs manually, rather than pissing about with bots and the barely-read 90% - from the MT-Blacklist docs, it seems that they do this to get their Google PageRank up, as if buying some AdWords wouldn't be cheaper.

Posted by: acb Sat Oct 18 03:56:24 2003

Or, as Oscar Wilde said, patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.

Posted by: mark Sat Oct 18 14:40:53 2003

Riiight. So LGF commentors are not only arseholes, they're also stupid. Have to remember that one.

Posted by: acb Sat Oct 18 14:57:38 2003

Don't forget, they eat babies too.

Posted by: ZoxoBear http:// Sat Oct 18 17:25:42 2003

SpamCop rocks, I hope they shut all of you down. For all of the email crap full of barely 18 year old kid porn to the million offers of Viagra and credit consolidation, I hope you and everyone you love dies in intense pain and alone from prostate/breast cancer based on gender.

Get a real job, how about that.

Posted by: Graham Sun Oct 19 03:05:07 2003

You dumbarse, we're on YOUR side. Personally, normally I wouldn't advocate cruel and unusual punishment, but I'm all for the idea of stripping spammers naked, tying a piece of steak to their genitals, and pushing them into a yard full of ravenous rottweilers.

Posted by: dj Mon Oct 20 01:35:07 2003

people still say 'get a real job'? how quaint.

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