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Clag "Manufacturing Resent" MP3s

A special treat for the indie-pop fans today: Clag's Manufacturing Resent 7", released in 1993 and quite rare these days, is now online in high-definition MP3 format. Enjoy the twee indie-pop goodness.

There are 2 comments on "Clag "Manufacturing Resent" MP3s":

Posted by: gjw Sat Oct 18 12:45:57 2003

I think your server may be getting hammered - I've been trying to wget them and they haven't been faster than 0.5k/s all day. Considered linking them through freecache?

Posted by: acb Sat Oct 18 15:02:36 2003

I'm getting 1-2K/sec from my dialup, which seems fairly normal. Chances are the rush was caused by it having been announced here and in Rocknerd and has cleared up (can't be too many people downloading Clag MP3s).

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