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Via Jim, this page of silly Tube maps, including one with the station names removed (see how many you can name), and this one in German (amusingly enough, Mile End is "2.4km Ende" in German). And here are some (mostly) sensible Tube maps; and a link to some brilliant stickers found added to line maps (I think I may have seen some of those when I was last over there).

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Posted by: Owen Fri Oct 24 09:24:25 2003


To a Londoner, the arrangement of English names on the Melbourne public transport map is almost as surprising and inspiring as 'The Great Bear': I'd never wondered before what Camberwell, Canterbury, Chatham and Croydon might have in common.

Nice to see that there's a 'South Kensington' stop in Melbourne too.

Posted by: acb Fri Oct 24 09:41:55 2003

The Melbourne Croydon shares with the London one the dubious honour of being an outer suburb miles from anything interesting.

And both Melbourne and London's respective Eppings are at the ends of lines. (The Epping line here used to go to Whittlesea but was truncated a few decades ago; I believe something similar happened with the Epping->Ongar segment of the Tube.)

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