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No Verdana for you!

Apparently MacOS 10.3 doesn't come with Microsoft fonts, consigning users to Helvetica Hell. Until web designers start taking advantage of the rather nice fonts that OSX comes with. (There should be more Gill Sans in the world, I think.) (via MeFi)

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Posted by: Anton Sherwood Fri Oct 31 07:51:28 2003

You don't think Gill Sans is getting stale yet (as Palatino did when everyone got sick of Times)?

Posted by: acb Fri Oct 31 14:31:37 2003

Not as stale as the Microsoft fonts. And it has a certain class about it.

Posted by: Golden Spud Fri Oct 31 21:33:18 2003

Bitstream Vera. Download it now and tell your friends about it, so people will stop bickering about the totally unimportant lack of Microsoft fonts! :)

Posted by: richard Fri Oct 31 22:28:24 2003

Bitstream Vera rocks!

Posted by: Graham Sat Nov 1 06:30:23 2003

A bitmap optimised Gill Sans - or rather, a bitmap optimised font "inspired" by Gill Sans, since it wouldn't be the same, would be interesting. Perhaps one of the Macerati font wanglers could do a properly hinted version. (Half the point of the Microsoft fonts is the exhaustively tested hinting_

Bitstream Vera Serif doesn't look anywhere near as nice as Georgia, however.

Posted by: driverdave Mon Nov 3 18:42:13 2003

Georgia is my current favorite as well.