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A piece about "furries", a growing subculture of people who identify themselves as anthropomorphic cartoon animals, and which may or may not be a sexual fetish, depending on whom you ask:
On condition of anonymity, the author of a G-rated a comic book featuring an animal character described his experience at a Furry convention he was invited to attend, and how revolted he was by the horny Furs he encountered. They have convinced themselves that all writers and artists who have ever placed a talking animal in a story must in fact be closet Furries at best, and that surely those creators would not be disturbed by the sexuality of Furry fandom, he says. This includes even the classics like Bugs Bunny, the Pink Panther, and Mickey Mouse.
"It's rough if youre a transsexual its even rougher if you try to explain that you're a cat in a human body," says another Furry fan, who bemoaned the fact that Furries cant opt to surgically change their species in the way transexuals can change their gender.
These conversations are typical of what one will find at Furry conventions, scheduled alongside social events like dances and talent shows. Scattered here and there in private hotel rooms, one might also find places like The Nursery where adult babies can get diapered and Fursuit dry-humping orgies, or Plushie parties, where people who disdain or cant find human sexual partners stick their organs into an SPH (strategically placed hole) torn into a carnival prize raccoon. But most of the Furries who get laid at the convention will probably hook up through mutual interests, physical attraction, flirtatious conversation, and a few drinks, just like everybody else does.

Apparently there are now "furry nights" at nightclubs in the US. Could Furry be the next Goth or something like that? (If so, I wonder how long until "furry" musical projects start appearing, and what they'll sound like. Or, indeed, until we see veteran Furries bemoaning the influx of trendy normals in tiger suits from Hot Topic or Dangerfield or someplace.)

There are 10 comments on "Furries":

Posted by: Graham Mon Nov 3 15:06:13 2003

For some reason the mention of "furry music" prompted the Banana Splits theme to start rolling around my head. Thank you, Andrew. *curses*

Posted by: acb Mon Nov 3 15:09:03 2003

The Banana Splits go electroclash!

Posted by: driverdave Mon Nov 3 18:36:10 2003

I totally thought that whole show was fake. I guess people are weirder than I thought... or I guess I should say "diverse".

Posted by: mitch http:// Mon Nov 3 22:12:42 2003

I await the Foucault of Furrydom, who will write "A History of Bestiality" showing that furries have always been among us.

Posted by: gjw Tue Nov 4 11:51:38 2003

Mitch, you've broken the cardinal rule of equating furriedom with bestiality. They don't like that. They will hunt you down.

Posted by: mark Tue Nov 4 13:06:30 2003

So what's the diff, d'yer know, Grant? Wait... let me guess. Bestiality is all about perverted humans getting off at animals, while "horny furries" are all about allowing one's inner (cartoon!) animal to get goofy, so to speak, with Goofy. Eh? Eh?

(And careful, Mitch. They've got awfully good smell receptors...)

Posted by: Graham Tue Nov 4 14:09:56 2003

How do you get smegma off acrylic fur?

Posted by: gjw Tue Nov 4 22:47:57 2003

How do you get smegma off acrylic fur? Apparently, a "true" furrie wouldn't want to...

Posted by: acb Wed Nov 5 09:46:47 2003

This comes this -> <- close to being "furry" music. Granted, they're not in animal suits, but they do wear daft-looking costumes, and there's the name:

Furr were decades ahead of their time.

Posted by: BigBearPete Tue Sep 2 23:32:23 2008

I dislike the connotation that furries are equated with bestiality as i am a fur and don't find animals sexually attactive. I think that you should talk to some people about this and get your facts straight.

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