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Thrift shop delights

Someone's selection of the worst album covers ever, ranging from ironically amusing (Devastatin' Dave The Turntable Slave, or indeed 12 Top Hits, which could easily be reappropriated for some sort of mook-rock compilation) to disturbing (Tino, or indeed John Bult), to just plain daft ("Country Church").

There are 4 comments on "Thrift shop delights":

Posted by: Graham Tue Nov 4 00:54:53 2003

Wot, no "Satan Is Real"?

Posted by: gjw Tue Nov 4 02:18:22 2003

Posted by: CaptainTact http:// Tue Nov 4 06:50:23 2003

Scholars of the field should note that Millie Jackson is also responsible for this delightful cover shot...

Posted by: gjw Tue Nov 4 11:31:54 2003

(Sorry 'bout that link...doesn't take long for geocities to limit access to images that are being linked to, does it?)

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