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Sunlight bathed the golden glow

Rare Felt MP3s. Warning: some are in the RAR format (some proprietary Windows-only file compression system or something). (via someone in my 2nd degree on LJ)

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Posted by: Paulo http:// Thu Nov 6 10:00:40 2003

Just for the record: the RAR format is no Microsoft proprietary technology. It's more like a better-compression alternative to the omnipresent Zip format. (

Posted by: acb Thu Nov 6 11:27:28 2003

If there are no open implementations of it, it's proprietary.

Posted by: acb Thu Nov 6 11:28:50 2003

There is a Linux command-line binary, but it's a "trial" version you're expected to pay for. Which I can't see myself doing, especially since there's a free BZIP2 compressor which can't be much worse.

Posted by: sam http:// Thu Nov 6 13:09:54 2003

The RAR download comes with a free uncompressor, unrar.

Posted by: steve http:// Sun Mar 21 04:26:07 2004

You can get the source code to a decompression library for it from the website.

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