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MTV Europe music awards

The blingerati arrive in Edinburgh for the MTV Europe music awards. Edinburgh? What the flaming hell were they thinking? You know what Scotland is full of, don't you? Pale people in anoraks who are into twee, shambling jangly indie-pop and such. You'd think that if they had to have the MTV music awards in Britain, they'd do so in Brighton (home of lagered-up big-beat dance parties) or the superclubs of Manchester or someplace. But not Scotland; otherwise they may as well hold next year's ones in Reykjavík or somewhere.

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Posted by: Alex http:// Fri Nov 7 08:59:11 2003

'Pale people in anoraks'?

According to 'The A to Z of Scotland' it's full of suicidal alcoholic heroin addicts.

Posted by: Graham Fri Nov 7 13:16:08 2003

Cmon, the Proclaimers. MTV staples, once upon a time!

Posted by: acb Fri Nov 7 13:44:22 2003

The Proclaimers were sort of post-C86 in their aesthetic. A million miles from the bling-bling-covered plastic swagger and infantile mook rage of MTV these days.

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