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Public transport sabotage

Saboteurs derail Melbourne-Ballarat train with parked car on track; meanwhile, the latest extreme sport among Melbourne's mooks is throwing rocks at trams.

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Posted by: Ben Sun Nov 16 07:02:09 2003

I recommend everyone come to the TVA meeting monday night, 7 pm at the Northcote Town Hall.

I expect to see you there Andrew!

Posted by: acb Sun Nov 16 15:45:42 2003

Sorry, my psychiatrist tells me to avoid obviously insane people.

Posted by: Alex http:// Mon Nov 17 07:25:44 2003

Ben: what does TVA stand for?

I wonder if the goons that are doing this kind of shit are the same kind of goons that beat me and a friend up 'for fun' the other week. I'm beginning to wonder if 'Jackass' has unleashed the fucking fury ...

Posted by: Alex http:// Mon Nov 17 12:21:18 2003

... because you can't detect, let alone avoid, the subtly insane ones?

Posted by: acb Mon Nov 17 12:30:10 2003

I believe the TVA stands for raising the Melbourne-Geelong railway line half a kilometre above the ground to give better views of the surrounding countryside, or something like that. That and drawing attention to the Militarisation of Public Transport.

Posted by: Graham Mon Nov 17 14:10:05 2003

It's almost like the SPK, isn't it?

Posted by: Ben Mon Nov 17 22:27:54 2003

Actually it stands for Transport Victoria Association.

You missed out BTW, Mallinson esq. turned up for the first time this year.

Next meeting is 1/12. Be there!

Posted by: acb Tue Nov 18 03:03:35 2003

I'm not going unless you make the guy who used to stamp his feet, scream, turn bright red and threaten to resign several times in each meeting president again. He'd be entertaining.

Posted by: Ben Tue Nov 18 11:01:51 2003

The new president is good, but the exact opposite. He will sit at the meeting and propose writing a letter to someone who is not only sitting next to him but who lives at the same address also. He writes me letters when the distance from his house to the letter box is further than to my place.