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Religious beliefs, uses of

File alongside "Israeli guard pigs": Animal Liberation have found a novel way of sabotaging live sheep shipments to the Middle East: by surreptitiously feeding the sheep rendered pig meal, causing them to become inedible under Islamic law.

Mind you, eating sheep that have been fed pig meal may not be all that good for non-Muslims either, what with the possibility of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and all that. I wonder whether this could inspire PETA or someone to start tainting animal feed with BSE pathogens (or claiming to have done so) to encourage people to stop eating meat.

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Posted by: gjw Wed Nov 19 07:33:34 2003

This sounds too bad to be true, or at least I doubt any legitimate animal rights organization were associated with it in any way. They would be quite aware of the dangers, to humans and livestock, of feeding pig meal to herbivores. It might be the animal-rights equivalent of balaklava-clad McD's torchers at anti-globalization rallies. More harm than good.

Posted by: acb Wed Nov 19 07:38:32 2003

The papers say it was the group Animal Liberation. Aren't they fairly mainstream? Or are they some sort of Earth First!-style ecoterrorist nutters?

Posted by: Graham Wed Nov 19 11:22:32 2003

One of the Halal advisors reckoned that the sheep would only be "unclean" for three days, anyway.

Still funny watching everyone getting into a royal stew about it, though.

Posted by: gjw Wed Nov 19 22:55:29 2003

Actually, I think "Animal Liberation" might be Earth First! equivalents, but with a more narrow, obsessive focus. It's hard keeping track of the various animal cruelty / animal liberation / animal rights philosophies.

Posted by: Ben Thu Nov 20 05:01:30 2003

However under export laws they can't export animals which have eaten other animals, so the shiment is likely to be held up indefinately.

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