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A preschool teacher is taking on bad music, one kid at a time. "Rupert", of New York state, has been playing his charges everything from Belle & Sebastian to P-Funk, from outsider music to " The New Politicians (Pornographers to you and I)", thus innoculating them against the manufactured "tween" pop other kids list among their favourites. I wonder whether this will end up sowing the seeds of a backlash against the homogeneous swill that fills commercial-radio playlists and major-label rosters.

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Posted by: janaki Wed Nov 19 17:12:47 2003

have you ever seen these reviews a kindergarten teacher posted done when she played certain songs for her class?

hrrm, why's this particular phenomenon only prompting NY schoolteachers to write about it, i wonder? i can't think it's an exclusively NY idea...

Posted by: kenny http:// Wed Nov 19 17:30:19 2003

yeah, that's what the school of rock is about!

jack black is rock's saviour :D

Posted by: Graham Thu Nov 20 08:54:43 2003

Rock sure has had a lot of saviours lately, most of them missing the point. Can't wait for the skiffle revival.

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