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Space Invaders

Taito to start selling new Space Invaders machines. They aim to sell 10,000 of the units, at US$2,772. No word on whether that includes the coloured cellophane that goes across parts of the (black and white) screen. Or, indeed, whether the machines are made using original vintage hardware (2MHz 8080 CPU and all) or whether it's running in an emulator on some modern embedded RISC chip that is several orders of magnitude smaller and more powerful (and possibly cheaper to make).

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Posted by: Never Ping Fri Dec 5 16:25:35 2003

One word: Expensive.

Posted by: Michael http:// Fri Dec 5 16:35:52 2003

Not compared to what a working original Space Invaders machine would cost! I went to the G.A.M.E. exhibition in London last year which covered computer games from Pong forwards and was brilliant. It was meant to be touring the world, so look out for it.

Posted by: Alex http:// Sun Dec 7 07:12:57 2003

I'm not sure this is going to be a hit. Obtain a copy of the original Space Invaders ROM and stick it in MAME, and have a quick go of it. You know, with your fingers crossed, so it's not illegal. It's hard! And repetitive! And it'll probably be a dollar a shot! It should be 20 cents a throw here, or a quarter in the US, and not a fortune. Retro gaming needs retro prices!

Posted by: Joe http:// Sun Dec 7 09:30:22 2003

Plus most of the people who play them at trendy bars etc. are pretty tanked. At $2 a game for drunks to play space invaders, you'll be catching up to Bill Gates any day. Leaves the old 'hotdogs outside of pubs' racket for dead.

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