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Goodbye Lenin

I want to see this film.

There are 6 comments on "Goodbye Lenin":

Posted by: Ed Sun Dec 7 14:02:11 2003

it's very, very good. manages to be incredibly balanced and decent, they avoided "they were wrong and we now are right" stuff in there, despite showing the bad side of life under communism - and then under capitalism. and it's quite funny too.

Posted by: dj Mon Dec 8 02:12:08 2003

Yeah, i think i will see it too. I will let you know if i come across any Ostalgia when i am in Deutschland.

Posted by: mark Mon Dec 8 14:14:58 2003

I wouldn't mind seeing it, either. And dj, wash your mouth out with soap! I like a good pun as man, but that's going too far...

Posted by: acb Mon Dec 8 14:49:05 2003

Ostalgie is what the Germans call nostalgia for the Communist regime.

Posted by: mark Mon Dec 8 16:20:02 2003

Ah, so it wasn't dj's fault. It's the Germans'...

Posted by: dima Sat Dec 13 00:15:43 2003

the plot of the movie is kinda hard to believe. Although this could be due to my upbringing in Moscow :-)

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