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A life's displayed in snatches

The results of The Reg's JenniCam poetry competition. The version of the Beatles' All The Lonely People at the bottom is priceless.

There are 4 comments on "A life's displayed in snatches":

Posted by: H. Tony Laetrile Mon Dec 22 13:31:22 2003

Jennicam is still around?


Posted by: H. Tony Laetrile Mon Dec 22 13:32:33 2003

(30 seconds later) Hmf. Guess not. Good riddance. :)

Posted by: mark Sun Dec 28 14:29:17 2003

Innit called <cite>Eleanor Rigby</cite>?

Posted by: acb Sun Dec 28 15:39:23 2003

You're probably right.

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