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I just noticed that my Nokia 3310's text-messaging dictionary has "múm" before "mum". Someone at Nokia must really be into Icelandic glitch-pop. (Either that or they assume that 99% of their market spells the word "mom" like the people on TV do, and those who don't are a smaller mobile-phone market segment than indiekids.)

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Posted by: Alex http:// Wed Dec 24 09:01:37 2003

While tram-spotting for the state a while back, I found the cellphone (nokia 33-something) of a young highschooler. Curiosity being what it is, I peeked at a few received texts and skimmed through the telephone directory -- apparently it's all the rage to replace A with À Á Â Ã Ä Å, E with È É Ê Ë and so on. I wonder if they know they're being ELiTE ... sorry ... 371+3 ....

Posted by: James http:// Sun Dec 28 07:47:47 2003

mine actually has nun before mum.. hmm

Posted by: acb Sun Dec 28 13:50:31 2003

Mine has "nun", then "múm" and finally "mum".