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Indymedia on NYE public transport

The New Year's Eve public transport débâcle in pictures, courtesy of the troublemakers at Indymedia. Pictures of small trams packed to a crush whilst larger ones stood idle, the police directing people to find other ways to get home, and lawbreakers riding between carriages. All makes you wonder whether it's pure incompetence or, perhaps, whether a smoothly-running public transport system would not have been in the interests of someone in a position of influence. (via Alex)

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Posted by: Ed Fri Jan 2 14:49:15 2004

Remember the red trams in Los Angeles...

Posted by: kv http:// Sat Jan 3 07:05:01 2004

oh that's what it was like towards the end of the year on weekdays. packed platforms, cancelled trains, packed trams next to empty, bigger trams... blerg. so much for being pro-environment: PT sucks.

Posted by: acb Sat Jan 3 13:09:38 2004

I had the same thought some weeks ago, after the bus I was going to catch sped by five or so minutes early as I was approaching the stop, and the next one was late.

Some days, I feel like buying a SUV the size of Texas.

Posted by: Ben http:// Sun Jan 4 03:36:31 2004

Most of those pictures aren't that different from an average working-stiff day with the pinkboys being shoved into their cattle cars for another day of w*rk.

I was broke at new years so I went in to see the fireworks. Being a bit smarter than the average yob, I took a tram out to docklands and consequently got a seat on the way back, but boy was it packed!

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