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US$ slide stopped, reversed

US dollar has gains in value against the Euro and Australian peso. The Bush economic miracle shines through, and liberals scurry away looking for something else to snivel about. Or maybe not.

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Posted by: tony Mon Jan 19 10:41:43 2004

The bush economic miracle is based on BIG debt though isn't it. It doesn't matter who's in power in 18 months when the miracle will start being payed for.

Posted by: ghostof devnull future http:// Mon Jan 19 11:38:31 2004

None of us realized it at the time, but this innocuous post marked the beginning of acb's unexpected second career as investment guru. Present from the beginning was his trademark sign-off, "Or maybe not."

Posted by: acb Mon Jan 19 13:19:33 2004

Tony: true, but that's about eight months after the 2004 Presidential election, isn't it?

And if I could be an investment guru, I'd be tempted to. The ability to not have to go to work just by adapting my already prolific information-grazing habits to profitable trends would be tempting; the tricky thing would be reprogramming myself to find financial news anything but deathly boring.

Posted by: Alex http:// Mon Jan 19 13:31:07 2004

You'll be in jail with Rene Rivkin in no time.

Posted by: tony Thu Jan 22 05:01:47 2004

Or maybe not (in jail)...???

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