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Coolsie chats must die!

Local live-music-scenester site is shutting down its forums permanently, after an infestation of trolls (or "coolsie chats" as they call them, for some odd reason).

Also on Rocknerd: a good review of Apple's Garageband music-making tool for OSX. It comes off looking quite decent; apparently it can use arbitrary AudioUnits (and presumably VST plugins with the AudioUnit wrapper). However, it appears very CPU-intensive, and requires a DVD drive to install. (I wonder if it'd install off an IDE DVD-ROM in a FireWire enclosure.)

There are 4 comments on "Coolsie chats must die!":

Posted by: Ben Tue Jan 20 10:24:25 2004

Nah, "coolsie chats" is what the trolls call the regulars. That and "penguin heads", paedophiles, rapists, drug addicts, etc etc etc.

Posted by: Jesus http:// Wed Jan 21 14:16:26 2004

The coolsies were shut down by the masters of the internet -- THE EGGS. Jesus H Christ have they never dealt with trolls before? Fscking softcocks. They think the internet was invented for them? Elmers.

Posted by: acb Wed Jan 21 16:16:31 2004

"Penguin heads"? How is this derogatory? I suppose because every normal (and thus non-suspect) person uses Windows XP or something.

Posted by: Ben Thu Jan 22 00:19:28 2004

No, because of the Beatles haircuts all hipsters supposedly have.