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No Libertarians in US Presidential race

According to the Political Compass (you know, the are-you-a-good-Libertarian-or-an-evil-fascist/stalinist test), virtually all Presidential candidates are right-wing authoritarians; or at least all the ones remotely likely to get elected. Bush is, of course, the most extreme in both right-wing and authoritarian dimensions, though current Democratic frontrunner John Kerry is shown as being almost near the centre; i.e., only a tiny bit right-wing and authoritarian. Oddly enough, the most libertarian candidate is Al Sharpton (isn't he meant to be some kind of extremist black-nationalist, and/or funded by the Republicans as a spoiler?).

There are 3 comments on "No Libertarians in US Presidential race":

Posted by: billy http:// Sat Feb 7 19:53:17 2004

probably. he is a reverend.

off the subject, you ever listen to any bob log? i like bob log.

Posted by: Hobbes http:// Sun Feb 8 16:58:09 2004

I like Al Sharpton a lot, and he is certainly the most fun part about watching the primary debates. He really isn't particularly extremist about most issues.

Posted by: Mario http:// Sun Feb 8 23:09:15 2004

Al Sharpton is The Man. An it turns out he was right about those kids they railroaded for beating and raping a white woman in cntral park.

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