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I'm Wayne Kerr, and if there's one thing I hate... it's web sites which sacrifice usability to be "arty". Such as the ACMI site. I went to book a ticket to one of the Cremaster screenings, but there's no indication of where the box office is; the only links are lower-case verbs like "experience", "learn", "play" and so on. Ooh, tres artistique! Now about that ticket I wanted to buy...

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Posted by: richard Sat Feb 14 21:20:44 2004

Yeah, it truly is shite. I complained to the contact address way back in 2002 about it (when I was looking for info about an event being held there), and got a very polite "we outsourced it" response. Also, I was politely told that I was looking at the wrong site. Sure, the event was being held at ACMI, but it wasn't being run *by* ACMI, so why was I looking at *their* website?

Posted by: acb Sun Feb 15 12:53:19 2004

Though at least they do have a non-Flash version. Probably only because of equal-opportunity laws and the fact that screen readers for the blind can't cope with Flash.

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