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Classic literature, your way

Apple's followup to Garageband will be AtticAuthor, which makes writing literature in the style of the classics easy:
No more struggling for the right word, the perfect turn of phrase, the most expedient and direct yet elegant metaphor. AtticAuthor takes care of all that for you. With over 1,000 ApplePhrases, and an additional 2,000 available in the optional PenPack, AtticAuthor will have you immediately writing short stories, plays and even novels. Never has creative writing been so easy. And AtticAuthor takes care of the details for you. Like this passage from Updike and that one from Dickens? No problem. AtticAuthor smoothly transitions from one style to the other, across locales, time periods and even languages.

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Posted by: El Bizarro Thu Feb 19 05:40:12 2004

I'm waiting for the postmodernist plugin. Ah, retirment is just around the corner.