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Airport arrival display malfunctions, displaying HTML source. It looks like those things run on an embedded UNIX system of some sort, with a HTML-based rendering engine (though presumably not a web browser in kiosk mode). Curious... (via 1.0)

(Malfunctioning information displays can be interesting, because the nature of the malfunction often reveals something about how the system works. Witness things like news/advertising billboards displaying Windows error dialogs, or in-flight entertainment consoles showing Linux kernel messages as they reboot or whatever.)

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Posted by: mihaly http:// Mon Feb 23 03:59:13 2004

At a local club the keno machine malfunctioned and it was interesting watching the system being rebooted, I don't think you'd see it at a large club... but this lady just rebooted the machine and it came up with windows, then ran the keno client.

Wierd. Probably should have paid more attention to the logging messages, might have found a nifty carck?

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