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Real Looking Relationships™

Gibson's Law update: Imaginary Girlfriends, a website connecting gamma-and-below males desperate to prove that they're not losers with pretty girls (or perhaps sweaty middle-aged men pretending to be such) willing to play along, for a fee. The "girlfriends" on the site (all three of them) have that well-scrubbed, wholesomely all-American look reminiscent of teen-slasher movie characters. (via 1.0)

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Posted by: Trebor http:// Thu Feb 26 20:56:20 2004

That is a very disturbing website... Have you tried it yet ;)

Posted by: acb Fri Feb 27 00:31:10 2004

I, of course, have no need for such a service.

Posted by: dj Fri Feb 27 02:53:38 2004

It doesn't sound very convincing to me. Even tho' my gf is half a world away in Germany, most ppl i know have actually met her.