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No More Mr. Nice Jesus

Jesus Freakin: the first-person shooter coming soon to the PC. After 2,000 years, He's ready to cast the first stone.
With the Almighty Power of God, along with a 21st century arsenal, you - Jesus Christ - are sent back to earth to kick some ass and take names (resulting in a list that St. Peter would likely kill to get his hands on).

There are 3 comments on "No More Mr. Nice Jesus":

Posted by: Chy http:// Tue Mar 2 17:38:17 2004

Good idea! Pity it's just a hoax. :(

Posted by: mark Wed Mar 3 03:55:47 2004

"After 2000 years he's ready to cast the first stone"... clever!

Posted by: Graham Wed Mar 3 12:58:37 2004

It might be a hoax _now_, but some guys bound to do a mod for Half Life or something.

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