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Biotech art

Some years after Eduardo Kac's glowing rabbit, more artists are using genetic engineering. Among recent art/biotech works are a cactus which expresses human hair (and is supposed to be some sort of statement about sexuality, of course), butterflies with mutated patterns on their wings, and winglike shapes made out of cultured pig tissue.

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Posted by: mitch http:// Sat Mar 6 23:21:49 2004

I corresponded with the hairy-cactus artist (I may be the one who found it "humorous"), and she didn't say any of that stuff about cactus-as-phallus to me! I guess she didn't want to shape my perceptions... Maybe she can skip the symbolism and directly make a hairy phallus next. (How long before we're getting spam promoting "GM genitalia"?)

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