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Chopper Beer

Move over Che: some outfit in Victoria are producing a beer named Chopper Heavy. It's described as "Australian style", and also features on the label an irreverent doggerel verse about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I've no idea what the verse has to do with Mr. Read (perhaps he's a poet as well as a hitman and visual artist?), or indeed whether he has licensed his likeness to the brewery.

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Posted by: Graham Mon Mar 8 12:40:11 2004

Actually, it's his band or whatchamicallit. I had no idea it's a beer as well. Tickets on sale at the Albury SS&A for $45 a pop.

Posted by: acb Mon Mar 8 12:45:40 2004

His band? What do you mean? All I saw was bottles of beer at the local bottle shop, not far from the Little Creatures and European imports.

Posted by: Graham Mon Mar 8 14:26:17 2004

He has a band with the same name.

Posted by: acb Mon Mar 8 14:37:32 2004

Chopper Read has a band? He's a true Renaissance man. (Wasn't he doing standup comedy a while back too?)

I wonder what sort of music it is; I'm imagining something between TOFOG and dirty biker blues or something.

Posted by: Graham Mon Mar 8 15:09:46 2004

In fact they're playing the same venue in Albury as TOFOG did. Remember he put out an album out a few years back when he was still in Risdon gaol.

Posted by: acb Mon Mar 8 15:24:21 2004

Wasn't that a spoken-word album?

If it was "Get Your Ears Off", then I saw that at a university market. I didn't buy it though. I believe it also had a warning on the back promising grievious bodily harm to anybody who samples it.

Posted by: Ropes http:// Mon Mar 15 01:54:36 2004

I was at the "Chopper Heavy" show this weekend at Tumbarumba, NSW. Its not a band, its a show with him speaking about his life & times. It was worth every bit of the $45. I paid. The show had a comedian as well who was ok. 2 and a half hours of decent entertainment I suppose. His beers not bad either, it was for sale on the night, I think its something like 7% alcohol as well.

Posted by: Graham Mon Mar 15 08:09:41 2004

Ahhh! I saw the ad in the local paper where he's doing the local rissole, I just assumed that he had a band or something. Silly me. Spoken word would make a lot more sense... Kudos on playing Tumbarumba, too!

Posted by: William http:// Mon Nov 22 23:53:04 2004

It looks like there is a website for the beer now too

Seems like it's being produced by a company called Legless Brewing - with the beer at 7% that sounds kind of appropriate.

Posted by: acb Tue Nov 23 00:00:33 2004

Compared to the stuff they drink in Belgium (you know, that nondescript little country in Europe), that's nothing.

Posted by: she_devil_vamp Sun Apr 17 11:47:58 2005

Chopper's Band was Actually called "Choper Read and the Blue Flames". He Released 2 Cd's While is Risdon Prison. Once Called "The Smell of Love" And the Other "Get your Ears off". He recorded Himself Talking/Rapping and Smuggled the Cassette Tapes out. Hence why Cassette Recorders are Banned From Prison now. Chopper is now doing the "Wild Colonial Psycho's Tour" With Mark Jacko Jackson. Its a Comedy Night of Spoken word. Chopper Talks about his Time in and out of Prison, Very Interesting and Amusing. Its a Comedy ngiht so its Funny aswell. He Signs Autugraphs an takes Photo's with people. They also Auction Off Framed Prints of him, Its pretty cool. Anyways I have met him twice and he is a great bloke. As fpr the Beer, well.... Just Drink it and "get your ears off" as Chopper would say! Cheers!

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