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MP3 is murder

Not only can the iPod hold your entire music collection, its sturdy metal construction makes it ideal for bludgeoning people to death too.

("A message from the RIAA: MP3 piracy kills. Any questions?")

Meanwhile, you may want to avoid Masonic initiations as well, especially if they involve handguns believed to contain blanks.

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Posted by: mitch http:// Wed Mar 10 07:16:31 2004

Via LGF, a superior example of anti-Masonic paranoia:

There are some comical or just baffling spellings here. Pope Clement V becomes "Pope Claymont V"; Anton LaVey becomes "Anthony Sans Delivy"; Jacques De Molay of the Knights Templar becomes "Chekthemolay", leader of the "Templates"; Matt Groenig becomes "Matt Growning"; NAFTA becomes "NAPHTHA"; Literaturnaya Gazeta becomes "Glitter a Liternia Gazetta".

Posted by: mihaly http:// Wed Mar 10 16:48:02 2004

I really hate your taste in music.

Sorry, I just had to say it.

Posted by: acb Wed Mar 10 17:38:29 2004

Well, start your own blog then.

Posted by: mihaly Fri Mar 12 17:29:51 2004

Oops that came out wrong.... Thats what the killer said before bludgeoning his victim to death.

I wasnt passing judgement on your (acb's) taste. pointing:

Posted by: mihaly Fri Mar 12 17:39:13 2004

That should gave a /users/ in between. see webpage above...

Posted by: Alex http:// Sat Mar 13 15:51:30 2004

~~~ tilde will do ~~~

Posted by: rsokolov http:// Tue Mar 16 15:04:00 2004

Looks like it is an Oninon-style parody rather than a real story.