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Real life gets a little closer to hard science fiction: NASA scientists have developed a system that responds to subvocalised commands; i.e., sentences you "speak" in your head. It does this by analysing nerve commands to the throat using sensors. It can only recognise a small fixed number of words, so it's of no use for silently talking on the phone to someone, at least not until they make it drive a speech synthesiser. (via bOING bOING)

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Posted by: gjw Thu Mar 18 23:45:16 2004

I thought up this idea about a year ago. True. Took NASA to do all the hard work, of course.

Posted by: norm http:// Fri Mar 19 01:46:37 2004

So many times science fiction becomes reality. Orson Scott Card wrote about subvocalizing in his Ender's Game trilogy. I'm always blown away when the sci-fi writers lead the way to reality.

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