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Tikka masala == death

Tikka masala, Britain's national curry dish, has been found to contain carcinogenic dyes, often at illegal levels. The additives, tartrazine (E102), Ponceau 4R (E124) and the appropriately sinister-sounding Sunset Yellow (E110), add nothing to the flavour, but give the dish its distinctive yellow colour, without which many customers wouldn't eat it. (I wonder whether the tikka masala pastes/sauces you can buy in supermarkets are similarly carcinogenic.)

There are 2 comments on "Tikka masala == death":

Posted by: John Armstrong Wed Mar 24 05:47:48 2004

Tartrazine is Yellow #5. Once we're finally past thinking Mountain Dew shrinks your balls we've got this to debunk?

Posted by: Graham Wed Mar 24 13:20:11 2004

Now, if we can do something about the "pink" in sweet and sour sauce...

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